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What is AgeRe?

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While regression has a more rigid definition among mental health professionals, the agere community has taken a variety of interpretations under its name. Not everything under this broader definition meets the criteria for age regression though. They can often be better explained by other established terms.

My goal is to integrate the language mental health professionals use into my corner of the agere community so we can better understand each other and get the help that we may need. This is not to gatekeep or tell you what you can or can't do. I'm putting this information here for our own sake because there is a lot of misleading information about age regression circulating.

Age regression is very under researched so there aren't a lot of reliable sources. However, we can work with the few articles we have and listen to real accounts made by clinicians and age regressors until more studies are done. I've chosen articles that explain each topic in the most accessible format, but I encourage you to check their references so you can understand how they've come to those conclusions.

Regression in Psychology

Note: I do not reccomend age regression hypnosis therapy due to records of false memories being fabricated and retraumatization of patients. I am only linking the wiki page for educational purposes.

Regression as a Symptom

What is AgeDre?

agedre stands for age dream

Age dreaming is an umbrella term for those whose mental state does not fit within the generally accepted definition of age regression.

This term was coined on the internet to give a distinction between age regression and other childlike behaviors for those who need it.

Age dreaming as a means to heal from childhood trauma can be likened to therapeutic practices such as Inner Child Work.

Some patients may experience feelings that are similar to regression while participating in this form of therapy. If a patient is already susceptible to regressing in its symptom form, it's possible they will regress during a session.

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